Yuheng Zhi

Pronunciation: Yu-Heng Chih
My Chinese name: 植禹衡 (植: Zhi, 禹衡: Yuheng)
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Curriculum vitae

I am a 4th-year PhD student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California, San Diego (CA, US) advised by Professor Michael Yip. My interested research areas include Robotics, Neural Combinatorial Optimization, Collision Detection, Computer Vision, and Motion Planning. Before I joined my PhD program, my undergraduate research in Shanghai Jiao Tong University was advised by Professor Bingbing Ni.

University of California, San Diego

PhD Student
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Intelligent Systems, Robotics and Control
CA, United States
Jan 2020 - Present

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Undergraduate Student
Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence Track
Shanghai, China
September 2015 - June 2019


DiffCo: Auto-Differentiable Proxy Collision Detection with Multi-class Labels for Safety-Aware Trajectory Optimization

Yuheng Zhi, Nikhil Das, Michael Yip
T-RO 2022 [arXiv] [code]

Configuration Space Decomposition for Scalable Proxy Collision Checking in Robot Planning and Control

Mrinal Verghese, Nikhil Das, Yuheng Zhi, and Michael Yip
RA-L 2022 [arXiv] [IEEE]

Data-driven Actuator Selection for Artificial Muscle-Powered Robots

Taylor West Henderson, Yuheng Zhi, Angela Liu, Michael Yip
ICRA 2020 [arXiv] [site]

Augmented Reality Predictive Displays to Help Mitigate the Effects of Delayed Telesurgery

Florian Richter, Yifei Zhang, Yuheng Zhi, Ryan Orosco, Michael Yip.
ICRA 2019 [arXiv]

Structure Guided Photorealistic Style Transfer

Yuheng Zhi*, Huawei Wei*, Bingbing Ni* (*equal contribution)
ACMMM 2018 Oral [paper]

Industrial Experiences

Research Intern

TuSimple, Inc
Beijing, China
Oct 2019 - Dec 2019
Point Cloud Analysis.

Research Intern

Intelligent Video Group, Sensetime Limited
Beijing, China
Feb 2019 - Sept 2019
Video Recognition/Action Recognition.


Programming Languages

Python, C++, Matlab, JavaScript

Packages & Tools

PyTorch, FCL, OMPL, ROS, MXNet, TensorFlow, ROS, Matlab, Numpy, OpenCV

Awards & Certifications

  • ECE PhD Fellowship
  • SJTU-HUAWEI Scholarship (5%)
  • SJTU Excellence Scholarship B (10%)


Coffee Enthusiast. Espresso, espresso-based drinks, pour-over.

Cooking. Chinese food, Steak. Cooking quality Chinese food or steak is a time luxury for PhD life. Pickled fish with off-the-shelf sauce packet and bone-free basa fish filet is my new signature.